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Friday, August 29, 2014

Di sini lahirnya sebuah cinta...

Alhamdulillah. It's gonna be our 57th Merdeka Day. This is the place we harbour our hopes, this is where our loves are blossomming.

So, any fresh hopes and missions to achieve for this tiny nation? If you ask me, I certainly have numerous wishes to make, indeed. And they are:

1) Religion

Moderation or wasatiah is definitely my cup of tea. Extremisms in any ways are not beneficial to anybody and it can only cause a huge downturn to the country.

2) Economy

Whoever that governs this nation has to be prudent with the taxpayers'funds. We did not elect you to screw up the money nor to swindle these hard-earned money for your cronies' benefits. Use them wisely and diligently.

3) Sports

To our athletes out there, compete like there will be no tomorrow in your pet event. Make us proud. Make us adore you like a role model. We don't have Superman in this real world and we need you to be that Superman to unite the nation.

4) People

As citizens of Malaysia, please stop the in fighting as it brings chaos to the nation. Set aside your political differences and maintain our 5 decades-long tolerance and live our life to the muhibbah spirit till the end of this nation.

5) Politic

To the political parties in Malaysia, don't enter the world of politic just because of power and money. Leave a legacy of administration to be highly spoken in years to come and absolutely not a condemnation for generations to come.

These are my humble wishes for this lovely country, some wishes from a commonner/layman like me. I ain't no saint or tok imam but I believe any walking man in the street deserves an equal opportunity to express himself about his nation.

I truly love this nation. Di sini lahirnya sebuah cinta....

Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka ke 57.

Your modest citizen,

Mufarz @ 2014

Saturday, July 19, 2014

United We Are...Are We?

Alhamdulillah. Here we are, reaching the 22nd night of Ramadhan this year. May all of us are blessed with Allah's mercy in this world and in the thereafter. InsyaAllah.

Despite our calm and peaceful surroundings, let us remind ourselves not to forget the needy and the circumstances that are happening around us. The most recent ones are the MH17 tragedy and the atrocities of Israel against our brothers and sisters in Palestine. Yes, we may not be directly connected to the perished passengers of MH17 nor the poor Palestinians over there but things can certainly be changed overnight. Or even in a blink of our eyes...

Some of us even took some "initiative" to poke fun at these untoward events. Where is our heart? Where do we put our empathy? Don't we have better things to do than this? Some had even resorted to the blame game. Are you for real, guys? Not every little thing in this world is about politic and race. Think about it again.

For my Muslims brothers out there, come and together we recite Al fatihah to our fellow muslims and muslimah who perished in these two tragic circumstances. To my non Muslim acquintances, be strong and sensitive towards the tragedies. I ain't no angel, but to play my part as a responsible human and Muslim by not offending the affected parties, in any way possible, is rather my greatest aim indeed.

Tragedies and bad news do happen in our life. Just don't be part of those foolish acts who seem to have no other stuff to do than mocking around with their tasteless and funny-less "damn jokes".

Wassallam and wish you all a great life ahead.

Sincerest point of view from your not so friendly neighbourhood,

Mufarz 2014

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Malaysia Soccer - Why Do We Need A Foreign Coach?

For the past few days, we have reading about how Dato K Rajagopal is going to be replaced with a master tactician of a huge credibility. Rumours say it will be Phillippe Troussier or the White Witch Doctor...the man who had helped Japan in its World Cup 2002 campaign and several African nations in their footballing triumphs.

However, the said news has its own downside, in which the coach's sky-high salary that FAM has to fork out if this coach's expertise was to be used.

The question is...would it be worthwhile or beneficial to Malaysian football? Simply hiring an expert will not change our football's fate overnight. The whole system must undergo a revamp in order to see Malaysia rises again in at least at Asian level.

When we dwell on the point of "the whole system", it means the whole thing related to soccer or football in Malaysia. Our new Sports and Youth Minister's move in getting the service of our renowned ex player, Lim Teong Kim recently is indeed a baby step toward a successful set-up.

But it must not stop right there. We must ensure that the players, the officials and the fans are also playing their part vehemently in charting the route to success. Accountability must be in place but the human touch's aspect just cannot be ignored as well. We must put the element of appreciation above the common punishment ahead of us.

Apart from what that have been mentioned here, don't forget about the element of passion in the picture. Without passion in the pipeline, money spent will always be a wasteful story. People involved must be nurtured to love their stuff in whatever circumstances.

Whatever it is, we Malaysian are so grateful and thankful to Dato K Rajagopal for putting us back on ASEAN football map after a 2 lowly decades of football sadness.

We do really hope that our Harimau Malaya will roar loudly again.

Your passionate Malaysian fan,

Mufarz 2013

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Kun fa ya kun

Just before Asar prayer today, while waiting for a jemaah prayer with the rests of other muslims in a mosque in the middle of a city centre, my auto update's app rang and notified me over my phablet that the electrical giant, Sharp will have to close several of its plants around the world, and Malaysia is not spared.

What? Sharp? I was like...pausing. After a few seconds, reality checked in and I kept on reading the said auto update and the article was saying that Sharp is having a huge decline in its sales (except for its LCD tvs) and thus, this has caused them to owe many creditors amounting to billions of dollars (USD of course!). As a result, Samsung is gonna bail them out and shrinking process seems to be unavoidable.

In the nutshell, we can always put a permanent mental blockage in our mind that no matter how big we are in the industry or no matter how credible we are as a human being, we are all slaves of Allah. Nothing is certain and nothing is rightfully ours. He will take as He wishes and a lesson from this, be good to everybody and learn to say Alhamdulilah all the times because we pretty unsure when "ours" are gonna be taken away.

Till then, hope you guys are having a great time without neglecting the Almighty. InsyaAllah.

Yours truly,

A sinful and lame chap,
Mufarz 2013

Friday, November 2, 2012

Experience Is Our Best Guru

If I can recal correctly, 1996 was the year where we thought our football team was going to achieve something. We were blessed with an abundance of talents but poor human capital skills was the big let down.

Wan Jamak at that time was rather at his prime in term of tactical know-how but in getting his players to be mentally-ready was something that shying away from him. I was one amongst millions of Malaysians who were glued in front of our TV set, waiting for our team to finish off the classy team of Thailand, led by their nation's prodigy, Kiatisuk Senamuang but our Sambagamaran-inspired team was simply second to the Thais in many aspects.

And what was the most significant one? I chose the mentality aspect among the players. Technically, we were not so lagging behind the fleet-footed Thais but the desire to win was not there for our brigade at that time. Our players seemed to shut their mind even before the final whistle was blown.

Fast forward, our current Harimau Muda showcases a different mental toughness. Never say die attitude is their root and the desire to win has put them above the rests in the region. Just look at their winning cupboards, those medals speak the language.

Kudos Harimau Muda. You are our inspiration!

Friday, September 14, 2012

When The Chips Are Down...

At times in life, we are likely to encounter situations that kill our ever-going motivation. Things that we do want them to be circling us. However, as a Muslim, we are taught to be brave enough to face this kind of obstacle. The justification is, how would we expect to garner life-enriching experience if we are afraid of these challenges?

In fact, there must be a reason on why we are caught in such a situation. May be Allah SWT is about to show us the way on how to handle things or perhaps, He may want to alert us that dangers are lurking around. On another point of view, we should embrace difficulties by turning them into every possible winning mentality because it is the only way out. Therefore, by banging out to the unnecessary is rather another oblivious reason to the downfall.

Remember, no achievement is as sweet and memorable to the one that had initially rocked us out!

Good for now, chow!

Blogging from my Samsung Tab

Mufar @ Rizal

"Say No To Favouritism"

Friday, June 29, 2012

Can Malaysian Football Overcomes The Odd?

Today our Malaysian very own heroes will take on Vietnam in the group match of Asian Cup qualifying round. Malaysia is desperately in need of no less than a win and Vietnam, on the other hand, has a separate mission in ruining Malaysian ambition of qualifying in the finals in year 2013.

Can the Malaysians overcome their usual fragile mentality in tight circumstances? It is an open secret that Malaysians have got no clue on how to be a tough nut to crack as history has shamelessly substantianted this.

As a fan, I do hope that our Harimau Muda is gonna emerge victorious today and to keep the momentum in their final match against the fiery homeside of Myanmar next Monday.

...but the question is...will my hope be left as an empty hope or whether it's gonna be a great one this time around?


InsyaAllah, I believe in them.

Your undivided fan;

Mufarz @ rizal